The Hauck

Lawrence Hauck was born in Schweinfurt, Germany on December 22, 1867. On August 1, 1883 he and his sister Bertha about 13 ½ years old took passage for the United State of America and upon arrival made their way directly to Montana. The oldest and youngest siblings John and Elizabeth arrived later.

Lawrence met his future bride Dora Kroger the year he came to America at Peter and Tante Hauck’s ranch and stage coach stop near Garrison. (Peter and Tante Hauck would have been Lawrence’s uncle and aunt, this ranch later became the Wallace ranch)The Kroger family had arrived for the Golden Spike Ceremony at Gold Creek, September 8, 1883. Lawrence and Bertha arrived about a week before the driving of the golden spike celebration and enjoyed all the festivities.

Lawrence worked hard on ranches around Deer Lodge during the summer months, saving his money in order to attend Montana College during the school year.

Lawrence moved to Philipsburg in 1889 securing a clerk position with Shodair’s Green Grocery for a year. He then moved to Virginia City for 3 years in a clerical position with SR Buford & Co. before moving back to Philipsburg assuming a head book-keeper for the Freyschlag, Huffman and Company a large general merchandising concern, of which he became a stockholder. When this business discontinued he went with a position at First National Bank until it liquidated.

In 1898 he purchased an interest in the Philipsburg Mail and in 1902 became sole owner of the Philipsburg Mail until his death in 1923. Lawrence was also described as a multi-faceted newsman owning/publishing for a short time the Missoulian and the Drummond News. He also assumed the postmaster position in 1899 and held that job for 18 years.

On August 24, 1893 Lawrence married Dora Catherine Kroger in what was described to be one of the most brilliant social events that Philipsburg had seen in a long time. In the following years the family prospered. Five children were born; Herman Lawrence, Catherine Dorothy, Elsie Christina, Dora Marguerite and John Christian.

Lawrence and Dora built the ‘Hauck Home’ in 1917 on land that had been purchased by Dora from her brother. In the early years the family enjoyed fishing and camping with other young people in the community. Many adventures were had and also stories of catching tubs of fish to smoke enabling the family to eat well during the cold winter months.

In March of 1957 Dora passed away at the age of 85 and was considered the matriarch of the Hauck family. Born September 11, 1871 in Beartown and the only daughter of Charles and Anna Kroger.

Family notes also report that the Hauck/Kroger families were instrumental in establishing St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Philipsburg.

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